Joven logró superar la anorexia y hoy muestra su asombrosa recuperación en las redes sociales

Una inspiradora recuperación de la anorexia fue la que mostró a través de las redes sociales una joven inglesa llamada Holly Griffiths, quien debido trastornos alimenticios originados a los 8 años, llegó a pesar solo 35 kilos.

Fue a través de su cuenta de Instagram donde ha mostrado su antes y después con el fin de inspirar a otras niñas a salir de la enfermedad. “En todos los aspectos de mi vida necesitaba la aceptación. Esto me llevó a desarrollar problemas de ansiedad y apego paralizantes, lo que a su vez me hizo difícil juzgar lo que realmente estaba sucediendo en mis relaciones, porque sentía que a nadie le caía bien” señaló al medio Unilad, según consignó Página 7.

La joven agrega que “tuve que comer más, tuve que enfrentar todos mis miedos y tomar el control de mi vida y de mis factores desencadenantes. Tuve que encontrar nuevas formas de enfrentarme a ellos, de encontrar nuevos amigos y dejar a algunos viejos”.

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If you had told me on the left that I would double my body weight and be okay with it I would have thought you were insane. I also would have cried because the thought of having a body like I have now totally repulsed me. So now I’m here talking about recovery and celebrating my body and I realise that for a lot of people still struggling I am the image of exactly what they fear. That my version of recovery puts them off of recovery. I get it. I feel it so hard because that’s how I felt. In fact I resented recovery instagrams with such a passion. I thought these people were bare faced liars. How could they be happy in THAT body? - The thing is this is my recovery and my recovery body. Everyone will be different so whether my body now is #recoverygoals or completely disgusting shouldn’t matter. What matters on recovery isn’t the body you end up with (although saying that I’m coming from a place of privilege having a super socially acceptable body) but getting your life back. The important bit of recovery is being able to eat without fear, move your body without feeling constant weak or faint. The important bit is being able to be around people again, mend relationships, end toxic ones because you are worth more and make new ones. The important bit is being able to love your life. #transformationtuesday #recovery #screwthescale #strongnotskinny #livingmybestlife #happyandhealthy #recoverywarrior #recovery #melanin #mixedrace

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The photo on the left popped up on my Timehop today. Three years ago I was so utterly lost and miserable. I totally believed that my anorexia had beaten me. My BPD was out of control again and I was left suicidal and trapped. I thought that recovery was impossible and truly believe life would be better for everyone if I was dead. It took another seven months and a few more kilos lost before I was able to give recovery a shot. And then another two + years to get to where I am now. Basically all I’m saying is it was a journey and there was a long time when I wasn’t ready to try to get better. It’s difficult to imagine that it made sense to live like I was on the left instead of trying to reach where I am now. But eating disorders rob you of hope. But I’m here today believing in hope. I know recovery is possible. I also know recovery is really really hard and overwhelming. But now I know that as shit as it all was it was worth it. #recovery #happyandhealthy #screwthescale #transformation #recoverywarrior #mentalhealth

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